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Oral Rehabilitation – Case 1 Dr. Margarida PalmelaDr. Inês Santos

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The patient came to our clinic unhappy with her smile, particularly with the crowns on the upper incisors and the lower left lateral incisor that had been made in a previous treatment. A clinical examination revealed the presence of an anterior open bite and deviation of the lower midline. Orthodontic treatment with bimaxillary fixed braces and micro-implants was proposed and accepted.

When the orthodontic treatment was completed, we began replacing the patient’s metal-ceramic crowns. As these crowns have a metal core, they give the crowns a greyish colour, so we opted for all-ceramic crowns, restoring aesthetics and mimicking the rest of the teeth.

With the orthodontic treatment and the new fixed rehabilitation, we were able to give the patient a beautiful, natural smile.

Clinical Cases