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Dentistry refers to the area of dentistry that treats changes in the anatomy of the tooth, i.e. changes in its shape or size. Many of these changes are caused by tooth decay, trauma and other complications.

In the case of cavities, for example, dentistry is responsible for removing the decayed tooth structure and filling the cavity with restorative material (usually composite resins).

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Frequently Asked Questions

The step-by-step treatment consists of: applying a jet similar to bicarbonate; putting on a varnish that seals the tooth structure and protects the teeth; and establishing a maintenance plan using a special toothpaste.

These types of restorations do not need to be replaced unless they fracture or are aesthetically displeasing to the patient.

Yes. The fact that you have a restoration does not prevent caries from developing underneath it. In these cases, a new restoration is necessary.

Yes, dentistry can also solve this type of complication, with several treatment options available: external whitening, internal whitening or covering the tooth with a composite or ceramic veneer.

Yes. Although the colour of composite resin restorations naturally changes over time, there are indeed foods and drinks that can accelerate this change due to the artificial pigments they contain.

This is the case with coffee, tea, soft drinks, tobacco… Therefore, those who have restorations, especially in the anterior sector, should avoid consuming these products, especially in the hours after the restorations have been made.


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