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Dra. Margarida Rueff Palmela OMD 8680 – Orthodontics, Spark Aligners |

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Dr Margarida Rueff Palmela completed her Master’s Degree in Dental Medicine at the Instituto Superior de Ciências da Saúde Egas Moniz in 2012.

Her love of orthodontics emerged early on and she decided to dedicate her clinical practice exclusively to this speciality, which has such an impact on patients’ lives.

To this end, he undertook several postgraduate courses in this area:

  • 30-month Clinical Orthodontics Course in Lisbon
  • Extra-alveolar Anchorage Course (application of orthodontic mini-implants)
  • 3 postgraduate courses in Aesthetic Aligners using the SPARK technique
  • Excellence in Orthodontics course
  • MARPE appliance course (for palatal disjunction in growing and adult patients)

Dr Margarida has also been on the teaching staff of the Lisbon Orthodontics Clinical Course since 2019, where she is in charge of the theoretical component and treatments with aesthetic aligners.

As well as being a trainer in orthodontics, she also trains dental assistants on the Dental Assisting course.

Due to her love of the hospital environment, Dr Margarida conducted research for her Master’s thesis at the Stomatology Department of the Hospital de Santa Maria on oral mucositis in cancer patients for a year, where she also did various training internships in the different subspecialities of dentistry.

He also has other training programmes in implantology and endodontics.


  • Internship in Fixed Prosthesis Stomatology Department, Hospital Santa Maria, Centro Hospitalar Lisboa Norte
  • Traineeship in Oral Surgery Stomatology Department, Santa Maria Hospital, Lisbon North Hospital Centre



  • Hands On Endo’ Endodontics Course 60 hours of theory and practice
  • Mechanical instrumentation systems (ProTaper, WaveOne, Hyflex, Profile), obturation (Elements, Thermafil), retreatment and rehabilitation of endodontically treated teeth.
  • Basic Oral Implantology Course Instituto Superior de Ciencias Médicas Dr Serafin Ruiz, Santa Clara (Cuba)


  • Certificate of Pedagogical Competence for Trainers Initial Pedagogical Training for Trainers course by EspiralSoft

2016 – 2019

  • Lisbon Clinical Orthodontics Course 480 hours theoretical-practical Profs Trevisi Zanelato WM Training Course



  • Extra-alveolar Anchorage Course 12 theoretical-practical hours Prof. Rodrigo Milani WM Training Course



  • Aesthetic Aligners Course 16 theoretical-practical hours Prof. André Reis Pintos WM Training Course



  • Excellence in Orthodontics Course 16 theory hours Prof. Eduardo Gotardo WM Training Course



  • MARPE Braces Course 16 hours of theory and practice Prof. Hideo Suzuki WM Training Course



  • Master Beginners in the Spark Aligner System Prof Elena Cerviño & Prof João Pato International Advanced Dentistry Academy



  • Master Intermediate in the Spark Aligner System Prof Elena Cerviño, Prof João Pato
  • Author of the poster entitled ‘Oral mucositis: prospective study in oncological patients’ submitted to the competition of the VI Course in Oral Oncology and Salivary Gland Tumours;
  • Francisco Gentil Portuguese Institute of Oncology;
  • Co-author of the paper entitled ‘Clinical management of oro-maxillary manifestations in oncological patients’;
  • Presented at the clinical meeting of the Faculty of Medicine of Lisbon;
  • Co-author of a paper on ‘Oral Mucositis’ presented at the clinical meeting of the Radiology and Stomatology
  • Departments at Hospital Santa Maria, Centro Hospitalar Lisboa Norte;
  • Co-author of the paper ‘Oral Cancer: Early Diagnosis and Guidelines for Action’ presented at the clinical meeting of the Radiology and Stomatology Departments at Hospital Santa Maria, Centro Hospitalar Lisboa Norte;

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