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Dental Crowns


Crowns are part of the dental structure of teeth. They play an important aesthetic role, helping to characterize our smile in terms of shape and color, but they also have another important function, namely in terms of chewing and protecting the inside of our teeth.

So when our dental crowns become damaged, we need to replace them with so-called prosthetic crowns.


Some examples of situations in which the application of a crown may be recommended are:

Misaligned teeth (crowns make it possible to apparently correct the angle and inclination of one or more teeth. Thus, in the case of misaligned teeth, crowns can be made with the correct angle so that they are positioned correctly in the dental arch)

Severely weakened tooth enamel

Broken tooth

Missing tooth (in these situations, it is necessary to place an implant in addition to the crown)

Extensive devitalization, with loss of tooth structure

Weak teeth

Old and unsightly restorations

What are the main steps to putting on a crown?

The measurements for the dental crowns are taken.

An examination is carried out – the “metal test” – in which the metal part that supports the crown is analyzed.

An aesthetic test is carried out to confirm that the crown fits well in the patient’s mouth.

The dental crown is placed.

Frequently Asked Questions

When there is no tooth, the crown can only be placed on the dental implant.

In this case, it also begins with an assessment visit in which the doctor evaluates the patient, goes through an anamnesis process and uses diagnostic means such as orthopantomography and CBCT (a type of computed tomography) in order to determine which treatment method is best suited to the patient’s health conditions.

Some of the advantages associated with the use of crowns are:

  • they are safe, resistant and durable;
  • improving the appearance, shape and alignment of teeth.

No. The color of the crown can be changed depending on the shade of the patient’s other teeth.

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