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Teeth in
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New implantology techniques allow the replacement of one or more teeth on the same day. This solution is called teeth in 1 day because, in just 1 day, it is possible to replace all the missing teeth in the patient’s mouth.

However, it is important to say that the Teeth treatment in 1 day is quite invasive, so it should only be an option when there are no other solutions that allow maintaining the natural tooth structure.

What is meant by “immediate loading”?

Oral rehabilitation mainly uses implantology to restore the smile of patients with missing teeth by placing implants in their place. This is a simple, quick and conservative option.

Today, there is the possibility of “immediate loading” or “all on 4”, i.e. the option of removing a tooth, placing an implant and placing a fixed tooth on top of it, all in one day. This means that it is no longer necessary to place a prosthesis or go without teeth, as you can leave the surgery with fixed teeth.

Can everyone get teeth in 1 day?

Generally speaking, anyone who needs dental rehabilitation, whether it’s the placement of one or several implants, can benefit from this Teeth in 1 Day procedure.

Firstly, however, it is always necessary to have an assessment appointment, where the dentist will assess aspects such as the availability and quality of the patient’s bone.

What are the main advantages of having Teeth in 1 day?

It’s easy to recognise the positive aspects of this procedure, especially compared to others such as removable dentures.

Compared to conventional removable dentures, this solution allows for safer and more comfortable chewing, without hurting the gums and without unpleasant oscillations.

Some of the main advantages of Teeth in 1 Day are:

  • be an immediate fixed solution that offers greater patient comfort;
  • offer improved aesthetics and masticatory function;
  • have the process completed in a single surgical phase and in a single post-operative period;
  • require few clinic visits;
  • optimise respiratory function;
  • offer comfort in the most diverse everyday situations;
  • have a natural smile, in terms of its shape and colour;
  • be a viable solution for almost all cases, even those where there is bone/gum loss;
  • restore taste and be able to savour food and drink;
  • provide good value for money.

What is the step-by-step process for placing teeth in 1 day?

Fitting teeth in 1 day requires the fulfilment of a few steps, such as:

1. Assessment appointment

The first stage involves carrying out a medical diagnosis and treatment planning. At this stage, it is necessary to examine the areas to be treated and analyse other clinical aspects. To this end, a full medical examination is carried out, using medical analysis, CT scans and orthopantomography.

2. Tooth Extraction and Implant Placement Surgery

The next step is the removal of one or more teeth and the placement of implants, so that in a single surgical phase the patient leaves the office with their teeth in place, in less time and in complete comfort.

3. Placing the Fixed Teeth

After the implants have been placed, the impressions or moulds are made which will later be used to make the prosthetic teeth. These teeth are screwed onto the implants, all in one day.

4. Permanent teeth

After the implants have healed for a few months, new impressions must be made, through the aesthetic and functional planning of the new fixed teeth that will guarantee definitive rehabilitation.

Frequently Asked Questions

When only one tooth is missing, an immediately loaded implant (ceramic crown) is applied. When several teeth are missing, several implants and several crowns are placed, and sometimes a bridge with several crowns is applied.

Finally, in situations where all the teeth are missing, 4 to 6 implants are placed per arch and then a fixed dental prosthesis is fitted over the dental implants.

The provisional prosthesis is total, fixed and placed over the implants. It is made of a comfortable material that will help it to adapt and the tissues to heal easily.

Aesthetically, it is close to the definitive one, although adjustments can still be made to the definitive one. This prosthesis guarantees that you will never be completely toothless.

No, placing teeth in 1 day is not a painful or uncomfortable process for the patient. After the dental implants have been placed, there is no swelling.

To ensure that the entire procedure is painless for the patient, the Conscious Sedation technique is used. This is a non-invasive technique that leads to a minimal state of depressed consciousness, achieved through the administration of drugs.

The main aim is to reduce the patient’s levels of fear and anxiety, avoiding situations such as the vomiting reflex, a problem that affects many patients in this type of treatment.

Following the placement of Teeth in 1 Day, there are some precautions to take, particularly with regard to the type of diet you should eat:

In the first two weeks after the procedure, it is recommended to take special care with chewing and, as such, eat a liquid diet based on soups, juices, smoothies, yoghurts…

Afterwards, if the soft tissues have healed properly, you should switch to a soft diet, such as purees, pasta, minced meat, fish fillets…

At the same time, it is essential to take care of hygiene, as well as visiting the dentist to check on the healing of the tissues and to sanitise the prosthesis outside the mouth.

Approximately four months later, new moulds are made to construct the definitive prosthesis for the 12 teeth, which can be metal-ceramic or “metal free”, depending on what has been agreed between the dentist and the patient.

In terms of aesthetics, resin teeth are now a good solution. However, it has to be said that they continue to darken with the passage of time, something that doesn’t happen with ceramic teeth.

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